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Two friends, two Mums, two very different journeys…

Amry and Sarah’s friendship was established over a decade ago, when as fresh-faced teenagers they embarked on their acting training at drama school in London. It was here they became housemates, met the loves of their lives and bonded over their mutual affection for good food, good design and Sex and The City!

Fast forward to present day and Not Keeping Mum was born from the comfort, assurance and therapy Sarah and Amry give each other from afar – as their lives continue to evolve from carefree teens, to wives and now mothers…who instead of keeping quiet, are keeping it real!

Hi, I’m Amry. An American that has now called England home for over 10 years! I’m married to David and together we have one spirited little girl called Amelia. After years in London we decided to trade in the ‘big smoke’ in favour of setting up home in the beautiful Surrey Hills. I’ve always had an aptitude for the arts. If I’m collaborating & being creative- I’m content!

Since Becoming a Mum…

  • I now understand why patience is deemed a virtue!
  • I am guaranteed to laugh out loud every day!
  • I finally have a good reason to re-watch all my favourite Disney movies!
  • I’ve learned to ‘function’ on very little sleep.
  • My OCD tendencies have sent me to ‘crazy town’ on more than one occasion. OK, on more than 100 occasions!
  • I can sing the “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” theme songs backwards & forwards. I don’t say that with pride!
  • I’ve learned to see the funny in the frustrating & the magic in the mundane.
  • My heart has never been so full of love & gratitude – not only for my wonderful daughter- but for a loving & supportive husband, who is also the most incredible Dad! 
Hi I’m Sarah, wife of Adam, and Mummy to baby Dylan. We have two cats and have recently returned to live in Devon where I spent most of my childhood. Since turning my back on the bright lights of London, I’ve worked as a home designer for John Lewis and more recently as a freelance writer and stylist. I also write my own wedding design blog Boho Bride. You can also follow me though my Google Plus page


Since becoming a Mum…

  • I’ve gained a little more patience & perspective.
  • I’ve learnt to acknowledge my strengths – and my weaknesses.
  • Lost around 700 hours of sleep so far…{that averages roughly 1,440 a year!}
  • Found I now have no tolerance for fickle people or fickle situations – there just aren’t enough hours in the day!
  • Become emotionally attached to my blender!
  • Rediscovered the importance of ‘date night’.
  • Put the odd soiled nappy in my Mulberry!
  • Laughed more, cried more and loved more than ever before!

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