Confession: We’ve Had A Cat-astrophe With The Christmas Tree

by Sarah on December 20, 2012

I come from a home where cat’s have always been a part of the family so during the festive season I’m used to seeing tree baubles knocked on the floor, or an imposing fir leaning under the weight of a furry climber…I’ve even witnessed my Mum remove lametta from my childhood cats bottom. But something I’ve never had to endure, something so horrifying I’d never imagine it would actually happen, took place in our home on Friday – our cat sprayed up the tree! Yup, I’m talking smelly, territory marking spray that soaked the lower branches, tree skirt and our gorgeous Christmas wicker baskets that contained gifts from my brother and his family…the whole lot sodden.

We’ve been having issues with our eldest cat Milo since Dylan arrived on the scene - Milo has never been the friendliest of feline’s {our niece and nephew call him “the mean cat”} but he’s really not a happy chappy these days. It’s heartbreaking for us as we’ve had him seven years and he’s already put up with Toby {our other cat – and his “bruvva from another Muvva”} being adopted into our otherwise peaceful household, so Adam and I were prepared to go through a bit of grief with him. Eight months on and things just seem to be getting worse. We’ve invested in cat hormone plug-ins, calming sprays, natural ‘happy’ pills, we’ve made nooks for him around the house, given him extra attention once the baby is in bed – but still he sprays, hisses and growls through most days. It’s not only exhausting, but hurts my heart to know our fur baby – our first born – is so desperately unhappy with his home life now.

So there you have it – our dirty little Christmas secret is out – the cat is unhappy and our pretty little tree is actually quite smelly.

Have you any Christmas confessions you’d like to share? Or any cat/baby advice? Please share!

Love Sarah xx

Image via Cat MD

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