Has Having Children Made You Feel Part Of A Community?

by Sarah on August 12, 2013

Yesterday we took part in our village’s summer carnival parade – it was the second year we walked the parade, but our first as part of an organised float, which was the playgroup I attend with Dylan. The theme was ‘Gardens’ and on every Monday morning for the past few weeks we’ve made and decorated wings and flowers to adorn the children and the float.

Early yesterday morning the decorating started and I was heartened to arrive to a chorus of “Happy Birthday” (it being my Birthday – it was quite apt!) and lots of warm wishes…and it struck me as I looked around at these friendly faces that since welcoming our son into the world my husband and I have been embraced right into the heart of the community – that having a child has given us the opportunity to meet people we wouldn’t otherwise come across…


And as we claimed 1st prize for our efforts and walked Dylan through the village – with him enthusiastically waving at all the smiling faces – I felt so proud. And when we arrived home a bunch of sweet peas were on our doorstep…news had spread that it was my Birthday and I kind neighbour had placed them there. It made me appreciate that we really have a lot to be thankful for.

Have you found having children has extended your friendship group within the community? I’d love to hear your stories!

Love Sarah xxx


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