Happy Halloween!

by Sarah on October 31, 2013


Happy Halloween! Will you be celebrating Halloween today? And if so, how?

We live in quite a conservative village with (dare I say it) a majority it’s inhabitants being 60+ and our neighbours aren’t too open to the idea of trick or treat-ers (though times are a changing!) so we’ve opted to hold off on any door-to-door action for the time being…

Instead the last few days have built up to todays frivolity, with decorations being hung, sweet treats being made and the entire day spent dressed as Count Duckula and Mummy Cat – I even took Dylan to his eye appointment this morning with my cat ears on – now that’s dedication! And once Dylan’s old enough to have friends over I’m sure we’ll extend our celebrations even further.

What I have enjoyed this week is the magic of creating such excitement in our house – Dylan’s joy at partaking in the build up is such an innocent and creative way to play and I hope we can retain that for years to come – whether it’s Halloween, Christmas, Easter and more…

Nothing beats childhood and creative imaginations eh?

We’d love to hear about your Halloween celebrations…

Love Sarah xx

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