Our Not-So Pinable Christmas

by Sarah on December 19, 2013

anne taintor edible

A little while back Amry and I had a little confab over the kind of posts we’d like to blog in the run up to Christmas…festive recipe’s, gift guides and DIY tutorials were just a few of the things we bandied around with the best intentions of spending recent weeks knee-deep in crafts with our little ones happily joining in, making pretty offering for our friends, families and readers to enjoy…

Um, well here’s the confession. None of it’s happened. Here’s how our so-called Crafty Christmas plans went down…

  • I never got any cute shots of Dylan decorating the tree because he wasn’t interested…he wanted to watch Peppa Pig instead, so I decorated it solo late one night with cheesy tunes playing in the background and a tin or shortbread for comfort – it was bliss.
  • We never made our abundance of paper snowflakes which I’d hoped to fill the hall with – because Dylan kept trying to grab the scissors and run off with them. We made three and during a temper tantrum Dyls tore two of them up. It was messy and not so fun.
  • We attempted to make salt dough hand-prints to give as gifts to loved ones…I even took step-by-step photos…and then forgot about them once they were in the oven. They burnt. Whole lot chucked away. Only I could burn dough that’s not even supposed to be edible!
  • I had a vision that the kitchen would be full of pretty home-made paper chains…we have two in situ - both shop bought.
  • And as for my home “made with love” mincemeat that would serve as a tasty gift for our neighbours? Well I’ve not even managed to write their Xmas cards yet, so gifts are clearly not going to happen!

…I feel good for confessing and wanted to do so because I realise how guilty us bloggers…and Mum’s in general can be when it comes to putting on some kind of smoke-and-mirrors front of “all is good and perfect in my world” when that’s not really very attainable.

We always promised to “keep it real” on here and the reality is Amry and I simply ran out of time to do much more than live our lives and look after our families for the past few weeks. The Brook household has been full of nasty chest infections and we’ve been dealing with a virus over here…not to mention all the appointments, shopping, list making, party prepping etc. that goes into having kids and hosting Christmas…

We do love it when our homes look nice (and clean) and are passionate about design, crafts, cooking and the rest, but the one thing that I’ve realised since becoming a Mum is that it’s a little pointless aspiring to the perfect scene or scenario as there’s always an unpredictable little whirlwind (or whirlwinds) that’ll shake things up, cause a commotion, make a mess and then (most likely) pass out in a state of exhaustion. That’s kids. That’s life…and lets be honest, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Love Sarah xx

PS The brilliant image above is from Anne Taintor’s new holiday card range.

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