A Hairy Situation

by Amry on May 24, 2013

hairAmelia has great hair. I know I’m her mother and all, and one might think that clearly makes me a bit bias – but truly, all that aside, she really has lovely locks. In fact, I got the biggest kick out of a mum at our local playgroup who recently asked me, “Where do you get Amelia’s hair styled? Do you have it layered”? I had to restrain myself from laughing out loud! Styled, layered – are these really words that apply to a two year old? If so, that’s news to me!

But regardless of regular compliments on her behalf, I’ve been considering it might be time to book her in for a cut. I mean her third birthday is right around the corner and she hasn’t had so much as a trim! But then every time I get close to making an appointment I look at that untouched mane and think those naturally curled tips contain her baby hair – and how can we possibly part with that?! But geez, if I keep up that sentimentality, she’ll find herself dragging a mile long plait around the playground. So how do you know when it’s right to make the chop?

What certainly made matters worse was Amelia’s little meet & greet with Rapunzel during our trip to Disneyland. After they hugged and Amelia sang to her and they hugged again … and again, Rapunzel commented on Amelia’s beautiful long blonde hair. She then asked her to make a promise to, like Rapunzel, never ever cut her hair — and with that they linked pinkies and the deal was done. Well since that day, as far as Amelia is concerned, so long as she doesn’t let a pair of scissors come within sight, she’ll someday achieve Disney princess status. Gosh that girl is serious about keeping a promise – and God help the person that tries to get between a little girl and a promise to Rapunzel!

So what do you think mums? Is this a girl issue or do you parents of little boys feel just as precious about taking a few inches off their tresses (they suddenly look so grown up don’t they)? Is it silly to be so hung up about hair? I’d love to know how the hairdressing experiences with your little ones have gone!

Love, Amry xxx

Have a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend everyone, and we’ll see you back here next week! And for those of you on half term, enjoy your break from the school run! 

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Katie May 29, 2013 at 12:16 am

My dad was ridiculously overly-attached to my little sister’s beautiful hair, she didn’t have it cut (not even a trim!) until she was 6 – we have a lovely photo of her the day she ‘did the deed’, and it covered her bum!

I’d say keep it, it’s so lovely to keep it long if you can, though it makes it even harder to chop it off the longer it gets!



Amry May 30, 2013 at 8:53 am

Thanks for your comment Katie! Letting it grow until the age of six?! That is serious dedication! Don’t think we’ll wait that long with Amelia, but I agree it’s lovely to keep it long for the time being! X


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