Give Me A Break! How Do You Keep Your Toddler Entertained During The Holidays?

by Sarah on May 8, 2013


Phew, is it only Wednesday? Because after a long weekend away from doing any work or it day-to-day errands (save a few chores) I am pooped and beyond ready for an early night! This bank holiday was my husband and my first taste of entertaining an active toddler for a straight run four days. Before now, Dylan has been less mobile, more sleepy and well far less robust I guess…now I completely believe the theory that on an average day, toddlers exert the same amount of energy as that needed for 20 rounds of boxing – yup, I really feel like I’ve been in the ring and thoroughly beaten!

Our boy is on the move constantly. He is into and on-top of everything, from opening cupboards (even the ones with child locks…how? How?!) to digging through the bin and lifting up corners of rugs and discovering mummified raisins or worse, random pieces of cat litter which are promptly popped into his mouth. And he’s strong – so strong that if he’s bored he shakes the bars of his stair gate so furiously (not in a temper though, he’s normally giggling) the whole thing keels over. It is now no longer on the stairs – it is in the hallway.

The above only means one thing on a long weekend. Stay out of the house for as long as possible and when in the house find plenty of activities to avoid interior massacre! So here’s a little of what we got up to…


Dylan can’t be the only boisterous toddler around, so what do you do with yours? Have you found it best to be on the go a lot to drain that energy or do you think it best to ‘tame the beast’ and teach them that there’s also a time and place for quiet play? I know I’d like to spend a little more time feeling harmonious at home!

Oh and to top things off…he took his first tentative steps on Monday evening…God help us!!!!

Love Sarah xxx

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