Adventures In Babysitting…Who Looks After Your Kids?

by Sarah on March 25, 2013


My husband and I are spoilt – for since becoming parents we’ve had my Mum on hand to look after Dylan at sometimes not very much notice at all, in order for us to have a night out and it’s only in the last six weeks since she’s been away that I have begun to appreciate just how much I rely on her to help us maintain a social life!

This Friday we’ve a friends 40th party to attend – only we wont be, as we have no babysitter…and it being Good Friday I loathe to ask anyone to give up their Friday night to sit on our sofa only to be harassed by our needy cats. But even if we did decide to ask someone to babysit, it has left me wondering just who that would be…

Do teenage babysitters still exist? Or does everyone rely on family members? At the tender age of fourteen I was already a babysitting pro. With no experience of ever looking after children I found myself in the position of trust by a handful of parents who pretty much funded my typical teenage spending spree’s…from cinema trips to shopping trips, I always had a bit of cash to splash thanks to my Saturday nights being spent in front of the telly in a neighbours house, eating the plethora of treats they’d invariably leave me. It was a great way to spend an evening because I rarely had any actual contact with the babies and toddlers under my care – a good thing really as I don’t think I’d have had a clue what to do!

Looking back though, I am quite shocked when I think of how much faith these parents put in me and I’m not too sure I could do the same…I mean, where do you actually start looking for said sensible child? And is it even legal now? I know one teenager who I could wholeheartedly rely on to look after our boy – but as he’s now 16 – I don’t actually want to ask, for fear he’d be forgoing a far more exciting evening with friends (he really is that polite!) So then who do you approach?

The friend who you know adores your child but hasn’t any herself? She could actually be doing something far more interesting with her night – especially as I’d hope Dylan would sleep through – meaning she wouldn’t actually have any physical contact with him. Or do you ask a friend who already has children? I know I’d help out a fellow Mum if asked but it’s also tricky to commit to…and I just don’t want to put any of my friends in that position as I know how much Adam and I look forward to our Friday nights in! So then there’s the extended “family” the family friends who’ve known you since you were a babe in arms yourself…well, every “Auntie” I have has a far more active social life than me anyway…

…Which leads me back to Super Gran(s) – my Mum and MIL – two women I’ve grown to completely rely on of late to ensure I get to put on my glad rags every now and then and enjoy a night in the company of other adults. There’s really no too people I’d rather ask.

So, who do you trust to tuck your little one’s in if you’re heading out? Is a Mummy Co-op the answer? A small group of local friends who perhaps take it in turns to give each other a night out? Or have you already got it sussed with a professional babysitter…or family member? I’d love to hear how you do it!

Love Sarah xxx


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