Amelia Turns 3!

by Amry on June 19, 2013

A week ago today, the 12th of June, our little Amelia turned 3! THREE YEARS OLD!!! And although at times I’m convinced she’s more a three year old going on 13, I’m still in shock that this day has rolled around so quickly. I remember the day she was born with such clarity that it seemed completely surreal to suddenly be searching for third birthday cards. But regardless, the day was upon us and it started bright and early! No time for brushing hair – there were birthday presents to open!



Thankfully we conquered her birthday excursion to Legoland Windsor the day before – leaving the day of to savour all the celebrations without being in a rush (something I highly recommend if you plan on having guests over). So after blasting through birthday gifts & cards in the morning, it was time to tackle the cake. Amelia gave it careful consideration and finally set her mind on having a chocolate cake with green frosting, princesses and flowers. This girl knows what she wants and I did my best to deliver.



I think this smile says it all … you’re looking at one very satisfied little birthday girl!!!



Once our guests had gone and we began the descent from our sugar high, the three of us decided to crawl into bed together. It had been a busy two days celebrating this birthday girl & and we all deserved a breather (especially the pregnant one). We reflected on the fun we’d had and then out of nowhere Amelia asked me to tell her about the day she was born. It was the sweetest thing. She’s never expressed much interest in the topic before, but I gladly indulged her and willing shared the events that led up to the afternoon that she arrived into the world. Of course our kid’s birthdays are all about them, but in secret, I think us mums deserve a little celebration as well. Her birthday is after all the day I became a mum. And despite all the long hours and pain that her birth involved, it will always be a day I hold close to my heart and think of with tremendous happiness.

So all in all it was a very Happy 3rd Birthday for Amelia! It’s a privilege to watch her grow into such an incredible little lady. We’re so lucky she’s ours!

Love, Amry xxx

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