Art Attack

by Amry on February 18, 2013


Amelia is quite the budding artist. Ever since she started participating in her playgroup’s craft time she’s taken the greatest pleasure in completing project after project. Getting creative with crayons, turning a simple paper plate into a panda’s face and expressing herself with bold strokes of the paint brush. And now that she’s added nursery school to her week’s routine, multiplying her choice of mediums, it would seem our refrigerator door has become a revolving exhibition of all her latest work! And it’s displayed with pride!

amelia'sartIs your refrigerator door also crammed with all your kid’s creative pursuits? Are you sentimental about each and every creation or do you just hold on to the cream of the crop?

As odd as it sounds, Amelia’s art taking pride of place somehow makes our house feel more like a proper family home. Because every time I go to grab a bunch of grapes, I’m reminded that a kid really does live here – and a pretty creative one at that! But one things for sure, at the rate she’s producing these masterpieces I’m thinking an upgrade to double doors will definitely be needed before we know it!

Happy Monday everyone! Hope this week is a great one!

Love, Amry xxx

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