Down On The Farm

by Amry on March 4, 2014


Over the half term break we waited and waited for the weather to clear so that we could get out in the fresh air and enjoy an afternoon down on the farm. Thankfully, Mother Nature listened to our plea and paused the rain long enough for us to pull on our wellies and savour a sunny (almost) Spring day!


Although we still had several weeks until it was official, all the signs of Spring surrounded us – crisp clear air, newly budding branches, long stretches of dainty daffodils and of course who could resist all the lovely newborn lambs! It felt like England was finally emerging out of this endlessly wet Winter! And with this break from the usually blustery weather, came the perfect opportunity for Amelia to try out a couple of new items of Spring clothing and bring a little fashion to the farm.

eieioThe way I see it, Spring is an ‘in-between’ season. It’s not freezing, but it’s not sweltering either – so the best way to go with little ones is layers. A long sleeve top, a cardigan and a comfortable coat should about cover the Springtime climate. That way you can just add and subtract items as the day adjusts. For instance, when we arrived at the farm it was clear but still a little cool, so Amelia kept her coat on while she made the rounds feeding all her new farmyard friends.




This traditional tweed jacket from Joules┬ádefinitely did the job! It’s lightweight but certainly hardwearing enough to withstand any outdoor adventure. I just love their new Spring collection of girl’s jackets and always colourful take on classic English style for kids. The pop of pink and floral detail on the trim and lining elevate this to a cute coat any girl is sure to adore! And the consistent quality of their clothes is something us parents can always count on as well!



As the afternoon went on we were lucky that the sun continued to shine, so it was off with the coat and on to the pony rides!


Having finally reached the three year old requirement, this was to be Amelia’s very first pony ride. She waited in eager anticipation and about exploded with excitement as soon as she spotted the ponies coming her way!


Of course when her turn finally came around, she got landed with the only donkey making the rounds that day. But did she mind? Not one little bit. In fact, she saw it as ‘extra special’ and grinned from ear to ear as her new four legged friend walked her through the woodland.

ponyride4I just love Amelia in this top. The colours are so fresh and the vibrant floral print is fantastic! It’s her new favourite, which means I’ll be seeing this on her a lot this Spring!





As our day came to a close the cloud cover returned and the cool evening air meant that Amelia was asking for her coat again. Remember what I said about layering and adding and subtracting throughout the day? This was that theory put into practice. So on went the coat as we waved good-bye to all the lovely animals and a fun filled day on the farm.


If you’re looking to add a few new staples to your kid’s Spring wardrobe, seriously check out Joule’s new Spring collection. In terms of quality and classic style with a twist – they can’t be beat!

Love, Amry xxx

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