Highchair Headaches

by Sarah on November 28, 2012

This weekend we took Dylan to one of our favourite establishments to enjoy a meal and some quality family time. We’d already walked away from one favoured restaurants that didn’t have enough space to allow us to wheel the pram in, but we were sure that this place would be perfect. And they were - in every aspect of catering for the needs of our little one {we do still love this place} - aside from the high chair. It’s the third eatery we’ve visited in about 6 weeks that has offered us a high chair that’s got virtually no sides to it…and our little Houdini was instantly on the escape!

Big for his seven months, Dylan actually barely fills any part of these low, open chairs – and we attempted to stuff the sides with a blanket and my husbands jumper, but it was no good.  He kept thrusting himself forward and was in such danger of either smacking his face on the granite table top or slipping out the side and smashing his head on the floor that we had to remove him from said chair and plonk him back in the pram. Not pleasant for a frustrated Dylan, who is social and very happy to be a part of mealtimes – and it was quite a stressful experience for us, when all we wanted was a leisurely lunch…

…Which makes me wonder – has anyone else had this issue? Or are we just being over-cautious, fussy parents? And if this is an problem for others – why are such well known family restaurants using these chairs – is it style over practicality?

I’d love to know your thoughts.

Love Sarah xxx


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