The iPad aka The Third Parent

by Amry on November 12, 2013

ipadEver since Amelia’s baby brother came onto the scene in September, I’m sad to say she’s been spending a bit more ‘quality time’ in front of a screen. The iPad has become a surrogate babysitter as such. Sad, but true. It’s just trying to meet the needs of a newborn and a three year old simultaneously has proven to be near impossible at times – so when the demands get to be too much, I’ve found myself encouraging Amelia to indulge in a favourite app or settle down with a selection of TV shows. And like most kids of her generation, she happily clicks and swipes her way around the screen as if it were second nature. This buys me a bit of time as I feed Jacob or keeps the peace as I prepare a meal. And although my first instinct is to always feel guilty that I’m allowing a piece of technology to temporarily take care of my child, I’m also incredibly grateful I have the option available. God knows how my Mum managed with six kids and not an Apple product in sight!

So where do you stand on the matter? Do you allow technology to play a part in your parenting – or have you opted to be a screen free family? I go back and forth on my opinion. For the most part Amelia is completely engaged and enjoying something educational on the iPad which I see as a valuable learning tool – and then there are the times that she’s watching something on loop, totally zoned out to the point that she won’t even respond when I call her name! And those are the times I’m seconds away from smashing the bloody screen! But … until there are suddenly more hours added to the day, or I grow an extra pair of hands to handle both children or England miraculously becomes a country with year round sunshine for our kids to play outdoors in … I’ll admit the iPad can at times be a saving grace for the overstretched mum. It has certainly saved my sanity on more than one occasion. How about you?

Love, Amry xxx

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Sarah November 13, 2013 at 1:47 pm

Amen to that – iPad, iPhone…both get used as distraction methods when I need to buy myself 5 mins…and I only have one child!

I was mulling this over with my Mum recently as she thinks I worry too much about giving Dylan one-to-one time…apparently her and my Dad would sit and read the papers for hours and let me and my bro entertain ourselves as toddlers…

…I suppose we all just do what we have to. Amelia will be absolutely fine for it and a total techno pro! Dylan too! xx


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