Keep Christmas Classic

by Amry on December 19, 2012

Not surprisingly, even when thousands of miles apart, Sarah and I continue to share the same brain wave! So today’s topic is a perfect follow up to yesterday’s lovely post on Christmas buys for baby.

But today I’m talking toys for kids And for some reason this is one of those subjects that confirms the idea that my husband is from Mars while I am clearly from Venus! You see, my other half was a typical boy of the 80′s & early 90′s. His world revolved around Super Mario Brothers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Jurassic Park. And Christmas was when he would always cash in on all the latest plastic paraphernalia. Now, I’m not saying that indulging your child in the odd action figure is the end of the world – but I’ve always been of the persuasion that toys should be more functional than related to the most recent fad. Does that make me a total Scrooge? Maybe. But, if like me, you’d rather eat cow brains than buy your daughter a Bratz Doll – then here are a few suggestions of classic Christmas toys your kids will go crazy for. And hey, they may just last longer than Boxing Day (always a bonus)!


1. Country Play Kitchen / 2. Shopping Trolley / 3. Slinky / 4. Slice & Bake Wooden Cookie Set / 5. Etch A Sketch / 6. Wooden Abacus / 7. Brio Rail & Cargo Set / 8. Fold & Go Barn / 9. Music Box Teaching Clock / 10. Classic Chatter Telephone / 11. Radio Flyer Classic Red Trike / 12. Bosch Toy Tool Set / 13. ABC & 123 Wooden Blocks / 14. Deluxe Art Easel

Maybe I’m so drawn to these classic toys because of all the red (it’s my favourite colour after all)! It’s also very fitting for this holiday season! Either way, I hope that with less than a week to go your seasonal shopping is going well!

Love, Amry xxx

P.S. – If you couldn’t tell from the list above, I have a MAJOR thing for Melissa & Doug toys! They seriously make the best stuff, right?!

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