Keeping Up With A Three Year Old’s Social Calendar

by Amry on February 11, 2014

LIFE&TIMESMonday rolled round and I felt like I needed a weekend after the weekend. Have you ever started a new week feeling like that? It was a busy few days mostly keeping up with what I’ve now deemed Amelia’s ‘social calendar’. Meeting up with one of her best buddies for a night of theatre in London, back to back (yes TWO) birthday parties on Saturday for a couple of her cute preschool friends and then a Sunday playdate just to top things off! I’m sure you Mums can relate and feel tired just reading that! And as her self appointed PA, I’m doing my best to make sure she’s at the right place at the right time, in the right outfit (or costume as it were), with the right gift for the right birthday boy or girl and never forgetting the right refreshments just in case. Whew … what can I say, the girl’s in demand.

But this is the new chapter of Amelia’s life – where friends suddenly start to play a pivotal role. Friendships are forming and with them an understanding that your child will need and rely on relationships outside of the one she has with you. I’ll admit it’s a tad emotional, but also incredibly exciting and sweet to watch – it just feels suddenly so grown up. But I’m not the least surprised that Amelia has a constant stream of social engagements – she’s a fun friend … I’d totally want her at my party if I was three!

So as the requests for her company keep coming in, I’ll continue to mark my calendar and have her Tinkerbell wings ready to go. After all, it’s what us Mums do right?

Love, Amry xxx

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