What Do Kids Have Against Crusts?

by Amry on April 3, 2014

nocrustsSo my daughter, Amelia, is going through this ‘no crusts’ phase. I don’t really get it, but I guess it’s a pretty common dislike amongst kids. I mean there must be a market for it since I’ve noticed brands of bread now make crustless loafs – how crazy is that?! I’m just curious how this distain came about. For ages she was a normal bread eating child, finishing each slice in it’s entirety, crust included. Then one day she stopped. Who knows if someone said something at school or she caught wind of the concept from T.V., but she’s suddenly very adamant that she simply cannot eat crusts. Not even a little bit. Sandwiches are left unfinished and toast only eaten to the edges. What’s a mother to do?

I’m certain that this crustless period will pass. My younger sister was the same and spent ages refusing to eat crust, but is now a fully functioning reformed crust eater – so there is hope to be had!

Do your kids have any crazy/unjustified eating habits like refusing to eat crusts? Do you give in to their food prerequisites or try to convince them that it will make their hair curly? I’m sticking to my guns at the moment and will not cut the crust off of bread for Amelia. I figure if I don’t cave it will convince her to go back to her previous crusts eating ways. A mother can dream right? But in the mean time I’ll clear her left over crusts and just maybe polish off the odd piece or two in the process. Waste not – want not, right?

Love, Amry xxx

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