Mr Independent

by Sarah on May 29, 2013


I appear to now have a 13 month old going on 30…my baby boy no longer wants me serving his every whim. I remember my Mum warning me should I have a little girl, that this was what it would be like. Unlike my brother I was apparently  very independent – right from babyhood. My mother clearly put this down to a girl trait, though it seems it was perhaps a character trait after all…one that my son appears to have inherited.

This is the new lay of the land with my Mr Independent:

  • In an environment where there are other children – he no longer wants to be seen with me. At playgroup he used to cling to me – then gradually he’d just come to me for re-assurance every now and then. Now he practically pushes away from me the minute we get through the door…and pouff…he’s gone on his own adventure and I am a mere spectator.  Yesterday we attended a Teddy Bear’s Picnic and whilst all his pals sat on blankets with their families to eat their sandwiches, Dylan scooted off to the peripherals, jumping in on others lunches as and when they sparked his interest, but completely ignoring his Daddy and I!
  • He no longer takes his evening bottle from me – instead he likes to sit on the sofa (no more snuggles on my lap) and hold it himself.
  • Same goes for his clothing – tops are a struggle but trousers are taken off independently of my help and Dylan’s now trying to master his nappy(!)
  • He now refuses to eat yogurts as they are the one thing he finds hard to feed himself. God help me if I try to feed him one.
  • I am not allowed to place my hands on his cot bars or trampoline bar – they are swiftly removed by Dylan.
  • And I am also mourning the loss of one of my favourite Mother/Son activities – reading. I must not turn the pages for him and sometimes find myself silenced, as he rattles off his own gobbledy-goo interpretation of Mog and Me…or any other cat themed book.

But, before I pity myself too much I should probably acknowledge what he still requires from us in abundance – cuddles. Man, my boy likes a cuddle - though much like our cats, strictly on his terms!

I actually couldn’t be prouder of my Mr Independent. It heartens me that he is becoming such a secure and confident little lad.

How about you? Are your arms aching for the time when your child relied on you 100% or are you happy to loosen those apron strings slightly?

Love Sarah xxx

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