Out With The Old In Preparation For The New

by Amry on November 26, 2013

recyclingI’ve felt inspired this week to have a good old pre-Christmas purge! You know, out with the old before the inevitable onslaught of new. Clothes, shoes, toys – I’m going through and getting rid. Sorta a spring cleaning in autumn (I mean why just limit yourself to one season right?) and it feels great!

It can be hard to keep a handle on all the “stuff” when you have kids. And after nearly another year of school, seasons, birthdays, treats and holiday accumulations – I’ve suddenly looked around and realised it’s high time for a declutter. You know it’s gotta be done when you’re holding on to broken toys that have seen their time or still jamming your kids into jeans that are simply too small.

So before I set foot into a toy store this holiday season or allow my child to write one line of a wish list to Santa, I’m getting her involved in the clear out. And it’s also been a useful opportunity to talk, in-between trips to the charity shop & collection bins, about how our donations may go to or help raise money for someone in need. And that’s an important message to be reminded of – especially at this time of year.

So how do you keep control of the clutter that comes with family life? Bag it up and leave it in front of a charity shop? Use one of those giant collection bins at the back of Sainsburys? Donate to a local playgroup or pass it on to friends and family? Or has this post made you consider putting yourself forward for the next season of Hoarders because you have a hard time letting things go? Ha ha, either way I’m curious if, like me, you’re feeling anxious to consolidate before Christmas?

Love, Amry xxx

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