Summer Essentials: Sun Hats

by Amry on July 26, 2013


Well the sun has certainly decided to show it’s face this summer! Has it been hot or has it been hot?! And although our first instinct is to complain about these melting temperatures (especially when heavily pregnant), all I have to do is remind myself of our never ending winter & suddenly the sun doesn’t sound so bad!

But with the sun comes a sudden lifestyle change for us parents. It requires a few more additions to our already ample arsenal. Now, on top of our usual hefty haul, we have to remember sunscreen and extra water & heaven forbid you forget spare change for the ice cream van. But above all (even the ice cream money) you don’t want your little one to be caught out in this heat without a hat! So I’m breaking down a few that will keep those blazing rays at bay & those sweet faces in the shade…



BOYS: 1. Mothercare / 2. GAP / 3. Jo Jo Mama Bebe / 4. John Lewis

GIRLS: 1. Next / 2. Mothercare / 3. F&F / 4. Mamas & Papas

Enjoy the sun while it lasts everyone & have a wonderful weekend!

Love, Amry xxx

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