Summer Skin

by Amry on June 10, 2013

scrapedkneeThis has been the first week that it’s actually felt like summer here in Surrey. And although summer doesn’t technically being until the 21st of June, I’m certainly not going to begrudge the sun from getting an early start this season – after all, we’ve needed it! But with the sun comes a sudden change for our usually covered skin. In just the last seven days my Amelia has gone from having porcelain perfect little pins, to bruised, bashed, scraped and scabbed stems. All consequences of sweet sun dresses and days spent outdoors.

Of course in true theatrical fashion, all of these grazes have come with subsequent blood curdling screams you come to expect when you have a little girl. But a few scraped knees never hurt anyone. In fact there’s something naturally nostalgic about this summer skin. It takes me right back to my childhood summer days – no school, out in the sun, climbing trees and building forts – my skin certainly didn’t go unscathed either.

And along with the odd skinned knee, we’ve all acquired a few more freckles with the subtle hint of tan lines as of late – all small prices to pay in exchange for this glorious sunshine that’s doing wonders for the soul! So how about you and your kiddos? Have you been busting out the Savlon for those minor scrapes that come about from long days playing in the sun? I’m thinking I better just get used to the grazed look on my little girl’s knees, as fingers crossed, we’ve got a few more months of sunshine ahead!

Hope you’re getting out and enjoying it in your part of the country!

Love, Amry xxx

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