We’ve Arrived!

by Amry on November 19, 2012

A big hello from the U. S. of A! After so much planning and anticipation we are finally here and it feels a tad surreal! Surreal, but wonderful to be home! However, I’ve lived in England for so long now that it brings up questions of where I actually feel most at home – but I’ll save those thoughts for another post.

We arrived safe & sound Stateside on Thursday evening and I am very pleased to inform you that we had one of the most seamless flights to date! The ‘Travel Gods’ were very kind to us indeed! In fact, I was fully prepared to share all kinds tips on travelling with a toddler and then Amelia went and handled the transatlantic flight like a seasoned pro. I barely even made a dent in all the activities and treats I prepared. It was amazing really – I couldn’t have asked for it to go smoother. Although I will add, making your child run laps around Heathrow’s Terminal 4 and having a fully charged iPad will greatly contribute to a successful & freak-out free flight (just an idea)!¬†Fingers crossed we have a repeat performance on the way home!

And just in case sitting on my backside for a long haul flight wasn’t enough – we no sooner landed, then we packed up my Mom’s car for a road trip that will take us from Utah, through Arizona, Las Vegas and then on to sunny California – where Amelia will finally be set free to run off a weeks worth of energy.

Lots & lots of adventures and photos to share once I make my peace with jet lag and intermittent wi-fi Рso stayed tuned! Have a great week everyone!

Love, Amry xxx



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