Thank Goodness It’s Friday!

by Sarah on February 15, 2013


Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!


Who’s excited it’s Friday? Me, me, me! It’s been a looong week and I’m pooped…but for a change I am writing this with renewed optimism for the weekend – simply because the sun has come out! Doesn’t the sun just cast a lovely warm haze over everything? I find even on the toughest days I can raise a smile if the sun has it’s hat on…

So what are your weekend plans? We are packing, as we move house two weeks today. I am beyond excited to be heading to our new pad in 14 sleeps. It’s the perfect family home – open plan, with a safe garden and stunning views of the estuary – we are very lucky! Aside from that, I hope to catch more episodes of my new favourite drama…but more on that below.

Well, if you happen to be having a browse online this weekend, here’s what’s been tickling my fancy…

  • Keven Spacey is mesmerising in House of Cards – I’ve been using Netflix to watch it and am so hooked!
  • The uber talented Michelle at Pocketful of Dreams wrote this fab post on getting organised for the new year. It sums up my own thoughts quite well and I was inspired by her clarity – writing my own bullet point plan for 2013 is a MUST.
  • My son Dylan is banana crazy – he loves them more than Frank the Bunny (his favourite cuddly). The thing is our neighbours and my folks all know this and donate over-ripe bananas to him…so, we know have overflow! This banana loaf recipe by Sophie Dahl is the perfect solution to my banana hoarde.
  • Loved this post from A Cup of Jo on toddlers helping out in the kitchen and praparing their own snacks. Based on the basic Montessori motto “help me do it myself,”…something that’s really grabbed my attention as we are looking at a Montessori nursery for Dylan next week!

Well I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. What are your plans?

Love Sarah xxx

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