A New Mums Guide to Surviving Your First Cold with Baby

by Sarah on October 23, 2012

Dylan has succumbed to his first cold. I thought he may have caught one a couple of weeks ago, but those mere sniffles pale into comparison against the mass of fluid I’m now facing…and it gets worse, for I too am suffering from the same afflictions. And whilst I am no expert in knowing how to deal with a poorly baby {ahem, I Googled “how to help congested baby at 3am this morning”} I have embarked on a crash course in how to handle motherhood when you’re also feeling far from healthy. So here’s my top tips on how Mum can get through this challenging time…

  • Take an extra long, extra hot shower and place baby in his/her recliner in the bathroom with you. The steam should help get both your and baby’s mucus moving.
  • Put on yesterday’s clothes. Chances are either you or baby will have thrown up on them within an hour of breakfast.
  • Make sure you and baby eat bland looking, bland tasting food…for the reason above.
  • Be grateful for small mercies – you now have no sense of smell and that makes the ‘explosive’ nappy change a much more pleasant experience.
  • Request your other half sleeps in the spare room – if you’re up a lot in the night {whether it’s baby getting you up, or your symptoms keeping you awake} you then have the freedom to turn the light on and  have a browse of a book etc or even bring baby into bed with you, if you so desire.
  • Remind yourself of three reasons why you love your spouse – that way you’ll hate them a little less when they complain how tired they are thanks to “all those times I heard you get up to see to the baby”. I kid you not.
  • Decant 8oz of warm milk into a beaker, add 2oz of whisky – down it 20 mins before bed.
  • In the dark of the night, when you’re aching and exhausted and that feeling of being so completely alone sweeps over you in your over-tired state, have a quick browse of Twitter, chances are you’ll see someone else in the world is going through the very same thing.
  • And in those low moments, when your struggling with your own fuzzy head and your baby is beside itself, screaming and straining against you – take a deep breath and remember how comforting it was to be held and soothed by your own Mum. I find that always gives me an extra boost of strength to carry on.

Do you have any tips you’d like to share?

Love Sarah xxx

Image by Anne Taintor

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