A Trip Down Memory Lane

by Amry on November 29, 2012

Any time I tell someone that I grew up in San Diego, California the typical reaction is “WHY did you leave? You must be CRAZY“! And every time I return to southern California and descend upon sunny San Diego – I get it. And last week was no exception. The year round sun, beautiful beaches, mouth-watering Mexican food – it’s a pretty incredible place. But besides the obvious reasons, I think wherever you spent your childhood will always hold a special kind of magic. I was just lucky enough to spend mine in such a stunning part of the United States. Wanna take a look around my original home town?

I was brimming with nostalgia as we roamed through all my old haunts. Driving by our family home, passing old schools and friend’s houses, eating at our long time favourite restaurants, feeling the sand between my toes and taking in the rich smell of salt water. I was transported. And the whole experience was heighten as I shared it with my husband and daughter. I left this seaside town when I was 13 and here I was returning as a wife and a mother. It’s bizarre how time seems to evaporate – how one minute you’re 5 and beaming as you circle round on the old fashioned carousel at Seaport Village and then suddenly you’re back in the same spot, except now you’re 29 and holding your 2 year old daughter as she bobs up and down on the same wooden horses with the same beaming grin. Where does time go?

Have you had a chance to visit your childhood home town with your own children? It’s an experience I highly recommend. And although I acknowledge that not everyone has a childhood they miss or even necessarily want to remember, I think going back to those roots as an adult can give you tremendous perspective as a parent and your children a better understanding of where you’ve come from. If you haven’t already, put it on the to-do list!

Love, Amry xxx

P.S. – I’m sure NKM’s Sarah can certainly add to this topic as she’s returned to her native Devon to raise her son! There has to be a future blog post in that!

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Sarah November 29, 2012 at 10:25 am

LOVE the ‘then and now’ – you’re so similar! Brings back happy memories of our San Diago trip…and yes, there are many magical things about sharing childhood experiences with your own child – another blog post in the making! xxx


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