When Do Accidents Become Emergencies?

by Sarah on October 11, 2013


On Sunday night, when we should have been enjoying apple pie with Downton Abbey on the box we were in fact sat in our local A&E department. Thankfully things are ok but I have to say there was a good twenty minutes earlier in the evening where I did wonder if our son had done some serious damage to his faculties.

On route to bed Dylan tripped – book in hand  – so failed to put his hands out to brake his fall and instead his forehead met with the corner of the skirting board. Ouch indeed. There was a moment of silence and then blood curdling screams. No blood – and further relief when an enormous egg-shaped mound developed above his eye…a positive sign I know to look out for; however, this ‘egg’ had a very large dent in it…something I also know can be a sign of a more sinister injury.

Cuddles, calming and a cold compress ensued and we were up at the hospital within the hour. I felt physically sick on the 6 mile drive up there despite my husband muttering about what I waste of time it would be as he was “sure” Dylan was fine. And I am beyond grateful thon at some 3 1/2 hrs later after less than 5 minutes in the consulting room – he was able to say “I told you so” (he didn’t say it, thank goodness…otherwise he might have needed treatment for an injury I would have inflicted!) for our boy was showing no signs of concussion or bleeding. In fact he was revelling in all the attention and kept the waiting room entertained with his “broom, broom” noises.

BUT had we not taken the extra precautions how would we have ever forgiven ourselves if Dylan had taken a turn for the worst in the night? And there’s no way I would have allowed myself even a minute of sleep (I still woke every two hours to check on him regardless) if he’d not been seen by a professional.

So, my question to you is, what do you class as an emergency where your children are involved? Do you trust your own instinct – or your partners? Or like me, would you rather get the “all clear” from a Doctor? I’m not very good at seeking help for myself and I really don’t think I’m an overtly dramatic Mum but with a head injury and a child who can’t yet communicate how unwell he’s feeling I will always, always make the journey to hospital.

Are you with me?

Love Sarah xx

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