Babies Don’t Keep

by Amry on October 8, 2013

I’m two weeks in to this mother of two business and although I’d say that overall we’re adjusting well – I still feel very far from having a new routine in place. I’m trying to have patience with myself, as I appreciate adding a newborn to the mix is no small feat, but my goodness do things feel out of sorts! Typically, I am someone that likes things ‘just so’ (read: control freak), but as the realities of breast feeding on demand, functioning without a full nights sleep & managing the needs of a newborn and a three year old set in – I’m quickly realising that somethings gotta give.



And that’s ok (although my inner OCD may say otherwise) because we all know it’s not forever. I won’t always be this tired (God willing) or breast feeding round the clock – and in the grand scheme of things, my baby isn’t bothered if the bed doesn’t get made first thing in the morning or if the dishes aren’t done the moment a meal is finished. All he needs is as much of me as I can manage. So while Amelia is off enjoying herself at preschool, I’ve been sitting still and soaking up all those lovely sleep smiles. And let’s face it, this precious newborn stage is so fleeting that sometimes you’ve just got to set that ‘to-do’ list aside and let sleep smiles trump housework without hesitation.

sleepsmileLove, Amry xxx

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