From Baby To Boy…

by Sarah on March 6, 2014


My baby boy turns two in just over four weeks! Only a month to go and I’ll have a two year old? A small boy? Where have the past 23 months gone..? Every day that I am at work I return home slightly bereft that another day of his toddlerhood has passed and I might have missed out on a magical moment…

…Then the s**t hits the fan because he’s tired and hungry and I immediately remember why they call this stage the “terrible two’s”!

I jest of course. In all honesty I am full of awe and wonderment when I take those moment to breathe in my son and the incredible character that’s developing before my eyes. A little human who grew in my belly…now walking, talking, (no-stop!) full of his own opinions, humour and wonderment of his very own.

Motherhood has exceeded my expectations ten fold. I feel every emotion attached to it far greater than I ever anticipated. It has made the universe so very big and yet so very small to me. And if I think about it a little too much…It makes me want to create life all over again…

…Oh wait, I’ve just had a labour flashback. OK I’m good – we needn’t revisit that thought again for a while yet ;)

Love Sarah xx

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Amry March 7, 2014 at 9:13 am

Oh I just LOVE side by side pictures of the kids! It’s when you really see how much they’ve grown and how quickly! Xx
And PS- I promise the second labour will be better, so get baby making ;)


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