Getting Back Into Baby Bag Mode

by Amry on October 16, 2013

BABYBAGAdmittedly, it’s been a bit of an adjustment getting back into baby mode. Although certain things come back to you like they were second nature – others leave you feeling like a total rookie mum. For instance … the baby bag. No sooner was Jacob born then we found ourselves having to attend several appointments around town – and it was only on his second day of life that I already found myself letting him down. On very little sleep and still coming back to earth after giving birth just the day before, we rushed out the door for a morning check up at the hospital. In hindsight, it’s a miracle I managed at all – but with with the help of my husband we got our three year old & now newborn in the car, pulled together all the necessary paper work & I grabbed the baby bag. Fast forward to our appointment at the hospital and just I cradle Jacob out of his carseat to be looked over by the doctor, my hand is met with a completely soaking sleepsuit. It would appear the wee decided to conveniently bypass the nappy and instead soil a perfectly new outfit. Joy. Well, the check up took place and it was then politely suggested that I get my baby cleaned up and changed at which point I reached for my trusty baby bag. New nappy – check. Wipes – check. Clean change of clothes – um … nope, nowhere to be found. It had utterly slipped my mind that he would potentially need a fresh change of clothes. So in my shame I changed my poor baby back into his wet onesie and decided to blame this blunder on the wonderful excuse of baby brain.┬áTOTAL. MUM. FAIL.

It’s all well and good having the cute bag – but if you can’t even remember to carry the essentials your baby will no doubt need – what’s the point?! Ah well, I’m re-learning as I go. And not surprisingly since, I’ve started packing for every eventuality. If anything, I now feel as though I’m lugging around a whole newborn wardrobe. But give me time – I may be a bit out of practice, but slowly & surely I’m getting back to grips with the baby bag.

babystuffLove, Amry xxx

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