Growing So Fast…

by Sarah on January 30, 2014


Baby boy…where have you gone? You rarely want to hold me hand any more, I needn’t read books to you and heaven forbid if I sing! But as you grow, so does your character – so strong-willed, independent, loving…and what a sense of humour! That laugh and smile that lights up all the grey moments of the day. How you’re so desperate to learn what every object, sound and feeling is with such an open heart. The joy you find in eating something crunchy, feeling something soft and hearing something loud and clunky…

Your eyes that mirror my own, lips just like your Daddy’s and all those quirky idiosyncrasies inherited from our parents and theirs before them…raising you is like unwrapping layers of the most perfect,¬†thoughtful gift¬†every single moment of the day…

…I’m frickin exhausted – but I think I’ll keep you ;)

Your hopelessly devoted Mama xxx

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