Have You Got A Baby Horde?

by Sarah on February 27, 2013


This past week, we’ve been mainly packing ahead of our house move on Friday and yesterday I finally got round to sorting through the mass of baby paraphernalia we’ve collected since Dylan was born. I was brutal. Aside from what you see above, some blankets and a couple cuddly toys I culled an enormous amount.

My husband was quite shocked by my ruthlessness, as he believes we should keep it all for baby #2 – but as I’ve only just started to muse over the notion of having another baby (I do want another – just not quite ready yet!) I just don’t have the same mindset – especially as we were so inundated with generous gifts and hand-me-downs from so many friends and family members, our little man didn’t manage to wear probably 50% of the clothes we had. In fact sometimes I just did fashion show style ‘trying on’ sessions with Dyls, just to see him in certain ensembles before they got to small!

In preparation of any further children I have kept three vacuum packed bags (which are deceptively large) of mainly gender neutral vests and outfits and then my favourite boy clothes – although I’d probably put them on a girl too and just accessorise with a hair bow. Expensive items such as his recliner chair, walker, cot etc will of course be retained but I am loaning what I can to other friends – it seems silly to store them when they are used for such a fleeting amount of time and if it saves others spending out – then great. It evens out in the end.

…Oh and the cuddly toy collection!!! I’m not really a soft toy person myself, so perhaps I’ve somehow influenced my son as he seems very uninterested in them – but he was given SO many  – enough to fill a whole crib! Well, now his collection consists of ‘Frank the Bunny’ and ‘Henry the Elephant’, all others have been donated to charity.

So my lovelies, do you have a big baby horde? Or are you a ruthless cull-er like me? Is it ungrateful to get rid of things less than a year down the line? Or more wasteful to keep them packed up – possibly to never see the light of day again?

Please share your thoughts…

Love Sarah xxx

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Amry February 27, 2013 at 2:43 pm

I am Queen of the cull! And the baby stuff is the biggest wedge between me and my “can’t cope with clutter” mantra! I swear I keep like 3 of our local charity shops fully stocked! Only holding onto the creme de la creme! But nothing will make you reevaluate how much “stuff” you have like a move! So for all the stress it can be – it also has a plus point!


Ailsa February 27, 2013 at 4:02 pm

My daughter is just coming up to 9 months and it seems that every few months I pack up a big old box of her outgrown clothes to go up in to the loft. Some things we get rid of along the way, anything stained for example, and a few larger pieces of equipment which she outgrew but are easy enough to buy again for a second child( and are more hassle than they are worth to store). With her clothes I plan to go through them all when I have a spare few hours (when will this be???) and pass some on to others who can make use of them or to the charity shops, and only keep those I really love for any other children yet to come. Before having my daughter I don’t think I could have imagined just how much stuff one tiny person could need!


Sarah February 27, 2013 at 10:01 pm

Amry, I’m with you on the cream-of-the-crop items – otherwise Dyls would have more belongings than us!

Hi Alisa, it’s crazy huh? My boy is ten months and I’m still shocked at how much he’s taken over the whole house…I think it’s the rate at which they grow, you accumulate clothes and equiptment at a faster rate than you can sort through! I can only imagine it’s probably worse with a girl…all those pretty accessories!

I feel so much better having sorted through things though – but it took hours. xx


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