Is There Really Such Thing As Ready?

by Amry on August 27, 2013

babystuffAs soon as I reached the last month marker of my pregnancy, I noticed a reoccurring question kept cropping up … “So are you ready?”

Ready? For a baby? Is there really such a thing?

In fact it’s only been in the last couple of weeks that my husband and I have finally conquered the “stuff” department. So, if you want to ask me if I have nappies in bulk ready or lots of little white onesies ready – well then my answer would be a very confident “Yes!” But am I ready to give birth or start back at the beginning with a newborn? Nope. Negative. Not even close.

How does one “ready” themselves to have their life turned on it’s head? I may have bought a new breastfeeding pillow, but am I ready for those numerous night time feeds? And although the infant carseat is now in situ, am I really ready to wrangle a brand new baby and boisterous three year old out of a vehicle? Oh I could just keep the questions, or should I say concerns, coming!

But I’m learning to be at peace with the unpredictable – because I think we all know that the ultimate answer to the question that this blog post begs is a big fat NO! No, there’s no such thing as “ready”, not when it comes to welcoming a new life into your world. Not when you’re about to become a mother for the second time and your heart waits in anticipation for love that is immeasurable.

Would you agree or in the last weeks leading up to meeting your little one did you feel ready and raring to go? I’d love to know.

Love, Amry xxx

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Sarah August 28, 2013 at 8:50 pm

I felt so ready to evict the little blighter but as you say – there’s never, ever going to be a ‘ready’ point…not with the 1st, 2nd…or beyond! I am thinking of you so much right now – the anticipation must be a different kind of exciting on your second babe…& I bet Amelia’s about ready to combust!

Love ya xxx


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