Let The Tantrum’s Begin!

by Sarah on June 12, 2013

This is how our past week has gone down…

toddler-tips-and-tricksI know with a son of only 14 months it might seem a little hasty of me to be complaining of tantrum’s but I think we are well and truly there. Dylan’s tend to be born out of total frustration. He’s nearly mastered walking so can’t understand why there’s a need for the stroller. He can for the most part feed himself, but if he’s eating something tricky like cereal or yogurt and he can’t get the food into his mouth – oh my – the mother of all tantrums. He’s allowed to climb up the stairs without help but not allowed to  climb down them - queue screaming fit…you get the idea.

I hadn’t prepared myself for this stage yet, but have naturally fallen into the ‘hug through tantrum’ camp and try to explain why we’re doing things a certain way/why he might not be able to do things. I haven’t a clue if the latter helps but I find contact and soothing help.

Am guessing I’m not alone in this Mum’s? Were/are your toddlers tantrum-ing through the day? And what are your coping mechanisms? Please share – and tips gratefully received!

Love (an exhausted) Sarah xxx

P.S. It just so happens to be Miss Amelia’s 3rd Birthday today – where does the time go?! Happy Birthday Amelia, hope you have an amazing day…and Amry, I’m looking forward to seeing some pics! xXx

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