Meet Mr Shy…

by Sarah on October 18, 2013


My son appears to be living through the Mr Men books. In the space of a few weeks he’s transformed from Mr Independent to Mr Shy. Our boy just doesn’t want to know anyone beyond his immediate family at present…especially other children. I know assume it must be a phase but I am finding it hard and rather heart-breaking, especially as he gets into such a state at the playgroup he once (and not so long ago) loved and cries whenever approached by other kids.

Dylan hit 18 months on Tuesday, so I do wonder if it might it be late onset of separation anxiety? But we already hit that quite hard at 9-12 months…

Has anyone else’s toddler gone through/is going though a tricky year-and-a-half stage? I normally trust my instinct with things and adjust with my son, but this time I’m at a total loss and have spent many hours of late judging myself…overanalysing whether I’ve done anything to trigger his change in temperament or make him feel insecure… I do wonder if I should persist in taking him to playgroup & gym class or whether we should ride this stage out first.

So I guess this port is more of a plea than anything – thoughts other mamas? Tips & advice greatly appreciated too!

Love Sarah xx

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