Month By Month

by Amry on March 25, 2014

jacobsixmonthsWould you believe that my baby went and turned six months old yesterday? How dare he! This half year mark has sure come around quickly. Having said that, there have certainly been days (and nights for that matter) that have felt like entire lifetimes! But on the whole time has flown and I’m left feeling a bit sad that his babyhood seems to be happening ever so hastily.

Yet even with all my sentimentality, I still haven’t quite managed to keep on top of documenting all his progress like I should be. At this point in Amelia’s little life I think we’d already filled an entire external hard drive with photos of her! So, I’m afraid he’s suffering from classic second child syndrome in that respect. But to mark his six month milestone yesterday I thought I should at least pull out a camera other than the one on my phone and snap a few pics of him at this sweet stage. At six months he is full of smiles and laughter, jabbers away in his own language, has started solids and proven to be a very good eater, rolls, does ‘the worm’ and army crawls his way around the room, is always ready to greet you with a wet open mouth kiss, and is generally just a total joy to have around … except for when he’s teething or very tired – then we’ve been known to have thoughts of selling him to the gypsies. You know you’ve all thought the same with your kids too!

But if by miracle I had a few more hours in the day, a couple extra pairs of hands or was just slightly more of a Super Mum, then here are a few ways I would be documenting my baby’s development.






There are a whole slew of ideas and inspiration via Pinterest (which is where I found the images above), so take a look and remember your baby’s first year goes by fast – so regardless of how creative, just capture what you can!

Love, Amry xxx

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