Mother & Child In Art

by Amry on March 6, 2013

My own Mother is an artist. A talented and prolific oil painter. So growing up I was surrounded by many of her masterpieces as well as stacks of thick coffee table books, on art in all it’s different forms, that she’d use for inspiration. But amongst the hordes of hardbacks, one in particular stands out in my memory. A beautiful book called Mother & Child In Art. The glossy pages were full of different artist’s impressions of the special bond between a mother and her child. Each depiction was exceptionally evocative – so much so, that many of the images have stayed with me to this day. And now, as a Mother myself, those images hold extra meaning.

So in the spirit of Mother’s Day this Sunday, and for my love of art which I owe to my own Mother, here are a few of my favourite pieces that so beautifully portray the privilege that it is to be a Mother.








m&c8Love, Amry xxx

Art Credits (in order of appearance):

Mother Combing Her Child’s Hair; Mary Cassatt / Mother and Child; Pablo Picasso / Mother and Child (The Three Ages of Woman); Gustav Klimt / Mother & Child; Society Of Illustrators / Mother and Child Reading; Frederick Warren Freer / Mother and Child; Emy Rona / Mother and Child; Mary Cassatt / Mother and Child; Jean-Baptiste-Camille-Corot / Mother and Child; Steve Hanks / Mother and Child; Frances Hodgkins / Mother Feeding Child; Mary Cassatt / Mother and Child; Mary Cassatt / Young Thomas and His Mother; Mary Cassatt / Mother and Child; Janis Rozentals


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