Pregnancy In Pictures

by Amry on July 31, 2013

Although you never feel your most photogenic self when pregnant, it’s such a special stage in your life that it really should be documented at some point, in some way. Admittedly, I’ve never been brilliant at keeping a photographic record of each & every phase of my pregnancies, but I do give major props to those ladies that choose to cleverly chart their pregnancy progression! It takes some serious dedication and the results are priceless records of their journeys to motherhood. So if you think you’d like to have a go at documenting your baby bump, then get inspired by these women who have gotten creative in front of the camera …

The Disappearing Feet Series …


The T-Shirt Count Down …


The Fruit & Veg Pregnancy Series …


Air Pumped Baby …


The Walk To 40 Weeks …


The Bird’s Eye Bump View …


Week By Week With A Personal Note …

pacingthepanicroomWhat do you think – do you fancy being the focus of every frame for 9 months or , like me, are you more comfortable behind the camera? Regardless of how you choose to document your own pregnancy developments, have fun with it – because however you feel about the pictures now, you’ll be sure to look back and love them!

Love, Amry xxx

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Sarah Anne July 31, 2013 at 5:20 pm

I took a photo most (every?) week in my second pregnancy, and it’s funny how much of a effort it could be to take that one shot on time! Mine weren’t creative at all though, just a mirror-selfie of my profile! I love the birds eye ones though…maybe if there’s ever a 3rd baby that’s what I’ll do!


Amry July 31, 2013 at 8:29 pm

Creative or not, I’m just impressed with you ladies that put in the effort to take those weekly pics – well done you! I bet they’re a real keepsake for you to look back on! Thanks for sharing Sarah Anne!


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