Staying In Character

by Amry on February 20, 2013

pigpuppetI do some serious method acting as a Mum. Need to get my kid to finish her carrots? Why, I just put on my most convincing Clarabelle Cow voice! The little babe giving me grief over bed time? Nothing a Handy Manny impression can’t handle! Madame testing my patience over brushing her teeth? Rapunzel & her¬†imaginary mile long mane simply rush to my rescue! I think it’s safe to say I spend a solid 50% of my day playing some “part” or another! Which is only fitting really, as I am a trained actor after all. Just never imagined all those years of character study would be put to use by pretending to be Disney characters to a toddler!

It all starts as innocent fun – you do a funny voice to get your little one to laugh. Next you discover you can divert major melt downs just by meowing like a cat. And before you know it you find yourself full blown flapping your arms like a flaming idiot while doing an over the top British accent all because you’re pretending to be Zazu, that annoying bird from The Lion King, just to get that last bit of green veg in your toddler’s gob! It’s at moments like this that you’ll recognise it’s gone too far. The whole “role playing” thing has gotten out of hand. But you can’t stop now – just look at the results you get! Why just yesterday Amelia tidied up her toys in record breaking time just because the pig puppet asked her to. Nevermind that when her boring old Mum asks her to tidy up multiple times it’s always such a chore – but oh no, all “Pig Puppet” has to do is ask once and it’s such a pleasure! What have I created?!

So what do you think? Is staying “in character” a practical way to ensure your kid cooperates? Part of me is milking it at the moment because we all know it’s a technique that has a limited shelf life. I mean let’s be real, I’m not going to convince a 13 year old Amelia to pick up her clothes by pretending to be Peppa Pig! But for now I’ll keep using my character voices & funny faces for as long as … well, for as long as my little toddler truly believes her Mummy is Minnie Mouse!

Love, Amry xxx

P.S. – Right Sarah, you get to work on your best Donald Duck impression for Dlys and we’ll really make sure those East 15 years weren’t in vain!

P.P.S. – You can all imagine the look on my husband’s face when I said, “I need you to take a picture of me and the pig puppet for the blog!” Ha ha! Thanks for helping without asking questions babe!

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Sarah February 20, 2013 at 12:46 pm

Haha this is brilliant! Oh we’ve learnt from the best – I was only thinking of you and the ‘art of distraction’ y’day as I desperately tried to convince Dyls that his Poo Bear wanted him to stay on the changing mat! My best ‘bit’ is Mickey Mouse – he has a Mickey bowl and the mouse himself likes to congratulate Dylan on eating his breakfast…

Yup, the boy’s already prepped for Disneyland aged 10 months! xxx


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