Thank Goodness It’s Friday

by Amry on December 7, 2012

Happy Friday everyone! How was your first week of December? This can no doubt be a very stressful time of year and us Mums seem to naturally take on most of the pressure or put it upon ourselves (why do we always do that)! We find ourselves wondering (or worrying)… Will my family have the most magical holiday season? How can I incorporate meaning instead of just making it about fun? Will I really manage all the shopping, decorating, school parties, baking, advent calendars, Santa photos, Christmas cards, cooking, entertaining & wrapping? And can I possibly do all this without needing to be carted off to the loony bin by New Year’s Day?! Well, I’m afraid I don’t have a sure fire way to stop this seasonal stress but I can certainly recommend we learn to manage our expectations. Take a moment to really pin point what you want to get out of the next few weeks and simplify your activities to just those that matter most. Driving around as a family to see Christmas lights in your area, drinking hot cocoa in front of the fire, blasting your favourite holiday album as you decorate the tree, baking up a batch of sugar cookies and sharing them with your neighbours – whatever you enjoy most about this time of year… keep it simple & you’re sure to keep sane!

One of our favourite ways to soak up a bit of Christmas spirit is to snuggle up with a festive movie! And I have to say that the kid ones are some of the best! Why don’t you step away from your growing to-do list this weekend and enjoy one of these classic flicks as a family! Here are a few we’ll be watching…

Did I miss one of your favourites? Do share, I love adding to the line up! And have a great weekend won’t you?! We’ll see you back here on Monday! Miss you already!

Love, Amry xxx


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