Thank Goodness It’s Friday

by Amry on January 11, 2013

Between lingering jet lag, a poorly husband & generally trying to get back to ‘normal’ after such an extended holiday (what, you mean I actually have to make dinner?) this week has felt like a long one! So much so, that I’ve marked unpacking the suitcases and showering as some of my greatest accomplishments of the past seven days! Sad, but true.

So, here’s to the weekend – to snagging a few extra zzz’s and restoring some order round our parts! Please say you have something far more exciting planned!

Fancy a few fun links from around the web? Your wish is my command!

  • Here is a fantastic and simple format for making a few New Year’s Resolutions with Kids.
  • Need to feel a bit better about that time your little one broke your favourite mug? Take a look at this site and prepare to cringe/ have a good laugh at someone else’s expense.
  • A cool alternative to your standard calendar.
  • Do you use a Tastecard for your family meals out? We do and LOVE it (especially since we eat at our local Pizza Express so much we’re on a first name basis with the staff)! Get £40 off during January!
Love, Amry xxx
P.S. – The cartoon above also reminds me of all the times my Mom desperately searched for her sun glasses only to discover she was wearing them! Or even worse, the time she yelled at me to help find my baby brother when she was HOLDING HIM! Ha ha! Having six kids will do that to you! Love you Mom (and I get it now)!


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