The Adventure’s of Babywearing – North Devon Sling Meet

by Sarah on May 22, 2013

Last Monday I was lucky enough to be invited by my friend Gill to the North Devon Sling Library gathering in order to meet a group of avid babywearing Mum’s and learn a little more about this handy mode of transport for little ones. Gill is a devoted baby-wearer, having started with her firstborn over four years ago, she now carries her adorable six month old daughter around for a good deal of the day, allowing her to get on with everyday tasks and chores knowing that her little girl is happily tucked up in the best possible place.

Here’s some pictures of Gill ‘wearing’ her babies…and even Charlie & Grandma have got in on the action!


I am a newbie to much of the ‘sling speak’ but the concept is something I am very much in favour of having carried Dylan in what I think is described as a ‘soft structured carrier’ though I’m not sure the brand I used is one that keen babywearers normally gravitate towards. This carrier was my our savior for the first six months, especially as Dyl’s suffered with silent reflux – it offered him and I a lot of relief and comfort; my only regret is that I didn’t have the confidence to ‘wear’ him until he was about 6 weeks old…and I certainly didn’t have the balls to sling him to my body using a fabric carrier!

The sling meet was a real eye-opener. A small room, full to the brim with friendly Mum’s I witnessed tiny babies been carried close to their Mama’s chests, boisterous toddlers toted onto backs and there were even a few women wearing both…yup, baby on front, child on back…it was incredible!

I’d still like to be wearing Dylan when out and about as he’s never been a fan of his pram and tends to have a total melt-down when he sees it – so the advice I was given on SSC’s suitable for a toddler was fantastic. It actually transpired that most of the Sling Meet Mum’s don’t own prams…amazing huh?! …So where do they put their handbag, shopping bags and all the other baby paraphernalia needed? I find it impossible to travel light these days…

Here’s some images of me and Dyl’s all slung up together:


A great concept, the very point of the Sling Library is to allow parents to hire out slings – thus getting a trial run of a style you might be in a quandary over, also saving a small fortune in the baby-wearing process. Those attending who are experienced ‘slingers’ can share their wisdom and be a practical pair of hands for novices like myself.

Barnstaple Sling Library is the latest to be organised but the Sling Meets are available nationwide. You can find out more from the Sling Meet website or have a gander of the Facebook page.

So are you a die hard babywearer? Or even a recent convert? We’d love to hear how you find babywearing…and if you’d like to share some pictures with us, come and meet us over on the Not Keeping Mum Facebook page!

Love Sarah xxx

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Tiffani May 22, 2013 at 1:00 pm

I’m pretty new to babywearing but I love it! I only carried my daughter a little in our baby Bjorn as I found it too uncomfortable once she got bigger. With my son now I am loving wrapping him, I never thought I’d get into it as it was a bit too ‘hippie’ for me. But now I’m hooked! It’s so much more comfortable than any other carrier I’ve tried and my son and I are both loving it. Just wish I was somewhere near a sling meet so I could go along and meet some other lovely mums like you have! Great piece!


Gillybird May 22, 2013 at 1:18 pm

Aw, what a lovely piece! Charlie, Ella and I were happy to show you the ropes – babywearing is for me a joy – and also practically speaking a necessity!
With regard to lugging stuff about – it is certainly an incentive to travel light! I have a handbag that is a bit of a tardis. It is designed for babywearing, with soft wide straps. When Ella is on my front I have it on my back, with ruck straps. If she is on my back I re-tye the straps so it is a shoulder bag or cross body. In the middle of summer when we need wellies and brollies and swim suits and towels and a picnic I have been known to use a shopping trolley. But most of the time we manage just fine with my bag carefully packed. And I know you wonder how I cope without a buggy (last time I used it was for Christmas shopping – I wore Ella and filled it up!) but I really struggle when I use one – I’m always crashing into things, and there’s lifts and stairs and busy shops and you need one hand to push it, and one hand holding the pre-schooler and one hand for the brolly and one finger in baby’s mouth cause she’s fractious! Slinging her she is happy and safe, and I am hands free!


Sarah May 22, 2013 at 3:59 pm

Thanks Tiffani – I found the same with our Bjorn, but the Ergo recommended to me looks just the ticket for carrying a small toddler. Wrapping seem’s to be the way forward with newborns…if we go for baba #2 I’ll do the same. So nice of you to share…just sorry to hear you’ve not got a sling meet close by – it was so nice to go along for advice! Enjoy your babywearing xxx

Gill, it was my pleasure to go along & to blog. Lovely to see you both but also fab to dispell my reservations over fabric wraps…I know when the time comes to do this all over again I can go to a meet and get some help and friendly advice over what to choose and how to actually do it!
And I hear ya over the pram-loathe…it was so fuss free to have Dylan hooked up to me and be hands-free, but I usually ended up not taking vital things whilst out and about – it was however, also v.nice to not have to negotiate stairs and narrow shops with a clumpy buggy! I salute you for juggling two children so darn well xxx


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