The Great Dinner Dilemma

by Amry on May 15, 2013

dinnerLately, I’ve found myself in a bit of a dilemma – a dinner dilemma. I don’t know if it’s this pregnancy or my general lack of master chef skills, but every evening as 5 o’clock rolls around I find myself dreading those inevitable three little words … “What’s for dinner?”

My aversion to preparing an evening meal wasn’t such an issue when I was in my single days – I was more than happy picking up a slice of pizza on my way home or savouring a simple bowl of cereal whilst sitting on the kitchen counter of my small Upper East Side apartment. I ate what I fancied and the same went for when I didn’t fancy eating as well.

But nowadays, my desire to pass on dinner doesn’t go down too well. You see, I have these things called a husband and a child that strangely have a fondness for cooked food every night. I know, weird right?! And as the one in the Wife/Mother position, all eyes seem to turn toward me to nightly determine our food fate. Everyone good with Special K? Just me then?

OK, I may be exaggerating ever so slightly – I mean, regardless of what my husband would tell you, my palate does extend beyond breakfast cereal – but it’s my will lately to spend some quality time with pots & pans that certainly needs improving. Yet despite being in the mother of all food funks, I truly do believe sitting down to dinner is one of the most important things you can do as a family. Some of my favourite memories and meals took place around our family dinner table, and that’s what I want to create for my own family as well – wholesome homemade food, quality family time & lots of laughter!

I’m sure my dinner dilemma will pass (at least my husband hopes it will), and I’ll find the inspiration to get in touch with my domestic goddess once again. But until that divine intervention takes place, I’m thankful for an understanding and flexible family and for a husband who knows that the sweetest words a weary Mother can hear aren’t “I love you”, but instead, “Let’s eat out.”

How about you? Is dinner a joy and a pleasure or at times feel like a total drag? Is cooking a shared chore? What are some of your family’s favourite meals to feast on? I’d love to know how it works in your house.

Love, Amry xxx

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Hollie May 15, 2013 at 12:36 pm

I have to confess I love cooking, and the real lifesaver for me was stocking the freezer with homecooked meals while I was pregnant. We spend do the same now once every couple of months, so that when we’re in the ‘what the hell shall we eat’ situation, we can just dig out a couple of portions of lasagna, curry – whatever we fancy really.

One thing that I am enjoying using at the moment is Jamie’s 15 minute meals. Provided you don’t actually aim to make them in 15 minutes (it’s more like 20-30), there are some pretty straight forward things in there that are really tasty too. I particularly recommend the sausage gnocci! We’re loving the hairy dieters book at the moment too – great for helping me to lose the baby weight, but feeling like you’re not being deprived of ‘real’ food. We use it loads and even my husband hasn’t complained (or even noticed) that it’s ‘diet’ food!


Amry May 15, 2013 at 4:20 pm

Thanks so much for sharing Hollie! Stocking up the freezer is definitely the way forward. It’s something I’ve heard lots of Mums do, so will have to consider getting my batch cooking on (especially in time for baby #2 when I really won’t be up to dinner duty)!

Thank you for also giving your feedback on a couple of cook books you’ve found useful. I have the 30 minute meals one by Jamie Oliver, but sadly it has just sat on a shelf looking pretty rather than being put to the test. You’ve inspired me to crack it open and give it a go! Will also have a look at the Hairy Dieters as my husband’s a fan of their series! Your comment has been really helpful so thanks again! Here’s to far fewer “what the hell shall we eat” evenings! X


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