The One Nap Wonder

by Sarah on June 17, 2013


I almost don’t want to admit this for fear of jinxing myself, but I am beginning to wonder if our 4.30-5am starts might begin to be a thing of the past. After two months of Dylan waking at an insanely early hour, despite black-out blinds, white noise thingies and a slightly later bedtime…by sheer fluke he skipped his afternoon nap on Thursday and slept on Friday until 6.30am!

The whole thing happened by chance as my MIL was looking after Dylan and miss-timed his naps around taking him to a new play-group; as she couldn’t settle him after returning home and as tea time was drawing ever closer she simply kept him awake – I couldn’t believe it when I got home to find he’d gone nearly 8 hours without a sleep…but it clearly did the job!

So, Fri and Sat I kept him awake in the morning – pushing him past what would normally be nap time in hope of getting him towards noon. It worked (though he got grumpy both days at around 10.30am) and he slept for two whole hours each time. Dylan’s bedtime has remained at 7pm and he’s woken around 6am since. Hurrah! Today (it’s Sunday as I write) has been the same…I am typing away whilst he snoozes on the sofa with his Daddy…

…So I wonder…is this the end of our early rising chapter? Was our boy simply getting too much sleep in the day? Oh I hope it’s a sign of things to come, because planning our day around one nap is far easier – and I feel I’ve gained more ‘me’ time…even though there are chores to be done.

Did your toddler drop their nap easily? Or was it a very gradual process? Please feel free to share your experiences below!

Love Sarah xxx

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