Playing Up for Mama – Toddler Tantrums

by Sarah on January 9, 2014


So it appears I have become my little boy’s ‘frenemy’  – the person he wants to keep close, love most but also punish – for everything. Tired? My fault. Hungry? Even if I’ve prepared his snack or meal and simply need to fetch it…well, that tends to call for a full blown melt-down.

Dylan started his nursery trial days this week (more on that at a later date) and despite behaving impeccably and really enjoying himself, the minute he see’s me at the door to meet him, it’s tears, stomping feet and (horrid to admit this) a couple of slaps too. Quite a performance. And though I know it’s an age thing and that his feelings are overwhelming him – I find it draining and at times upsetting too. It wasn’t too long ago that he was greeting me at the door with a beaming smile and hug.

In regards to dealing with negative behaviour, I tend to use a swift “stop” or “no thank you” and promptly either put him down or move him into another space to try to break the moment. At home unless he’s hurting himself (he’s a head-banger) I try to ignore the tantrum – this actually works 99% of the time.

I know this like everything else is just a phase and his way of dealing with the acknowledgment that we are two separate people as well as frustration…but I really hope it passes soon. Well, no-one ever said parenting was easy eh?

Anyone else dealing with toddler tantrums at the moment? And how do you cope with unwanted behaviour?

Love Sarah xx

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