Hand Me Downs

by Amry on April 15, 2013

ra1In July, this Raggedy Ann doll will turn 28 years old. I received her on my second birthday in the summer of 1985 and from the picture below I think you’ll agree I was more than a bit excited about it.

ra3This small photo of my two year old self has sat on various shelves in all of my family homes. And although I don’t hold the actual memory of this moment myself, I have been told time and again of my enthusiasm as I opened this classic stuffed doll. A doll that then took up permanent residency in each of my childhood rooms. But kids grow up and dolls somehow find themselves forgotten.

However, in 2010 when my Mom came to England to meet her first granddaughter, she brought with her the long lost keepsake as well as the small framed photo of me to prove that once upon a time this doll was mine. She may have become a tad faded, with the odd piece of yarn pulled out of place – but what she lacked in appearance, she made up for in nostalgia.

Since the summer that she arrived from the states, this Raggedy Ann doll has patiently sat on a book shelf in Amelia’s bedroom – waiting for the time when her new owner would be ready to play with her. And only recently has her dream started to come true. On a whim Amelia picked out a Raggedy Ann paperback at her playgroup’s annual book exchange and after flipping through the pages, she started to recognise the red headed star of the story. Since then, Raggedy Ann has been invited to numerous birthday tea parties where she’s been forced to consume countless cups of tea! But somehow I don’t think she minds one bit. Her cloth limbs are moving again, she is loved and above all she’s fulfilling her purpose – she’s being played with.


ra4Have you held on to a toy that you’ve now been able to hand down to your child? There’s something so surreal about seeing one of your childhood possessions now in the hands of your own child – but I have to say, it’s pretty special too.

Love, Amry xxx

PS – A very big shout out to Sarah’s not-so-little-anymore boy Dylan who is celebrating his first birthday today! Happy Birthday Dyls! Hope you’re having a magical day little man! xxx

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